Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series, Level 3: The Painted Skin (2nd Edition) 750 Word Level

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Liu Yuehua/Chu Chengzhi
ISBN: 978-7-301-30378-8
Peking University Press
88 pag. paperback 14 x 20 cm

A long time ago, Scholar Wang came across a girl while he strolled along a creek near his home. The girl was astonishingly pretty, but looked haggard and despondent. Attracted by such beauty, Wang took her back and hid her in his private study house, and they spent many happy days together. However, one day when Wang came back from outside, he saw something that scared him to death: A dreadful ghost sat down at his desk, put on a piece of painted skin, and turned into his pretty girl…

About the Series

Chinese Breeze is a well-crafted series of entertaining Chinese graded readers designed for college and high school students. The series offers language learners at all levels the opportunity to read for pleasure while simultaneously developing reading comprehension skills, building confidence, and increasing motivation.

Each text is presented in simplified characters. New vocabulary words with pinyin and English definitions are provided in the footnotes. Audio recordings of each text can be streamed by scanning the QR code on the back of each book.