BaZi the Destiny Code Revealed-Delve Deeper into the Four Pillars of Destiny

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Joey Yap
ISBN: 978-983-3332-38-0
Mastery Academy Chinese Metaphisics
312 pag. paperback 15 x 23 cm

Timing is everything. And BaZi is all about doing the right thing, at the right time. Mastering your Destiny is simply a matter of taking action!

Have you ever wondered if the people you meet, the opportunities you encounter or even the challenges you face are a mere matter of coincidence? Or perhaps, these things have been pre-destined to occur at some point in your life, and it was just a matter of timing?

Put simply, your BaZi is actually an intricate code that contains crucial information on your destiny. Your BaZi is unique, and properly charted, you will find critical knowledge of your hidden talents, character, challenges in life and luck cycle in your hands, all waiting to be decoded and tapped into.

Find out how Combination, Clash, Harm, Destruction and Punishments bring new dimension to a BaZi chart. Combination and Clash are a matter of permutation, and the Combination between a Snake and Monkey, for instance, differs greatly in outcome between a Rabbit and Dog Combination. Likewise, a Horse and Rat Clash is entirely unique between a Monkey and Tiger Clash. The resultant permutations throw entirely different shades of light upon a person's BaZi chart!

Above all, learn to decipher your BaZi, and place yourself in an ideal position to eize upcoming opportunities, or tackle challenges heading your way.