Authentic Xing Yi Quan

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Gong Zhong Xiang/Franklin Fick (translated)
ISBN: 9781456330163
Shen Long Publishing
314 pag. paperback 18 x 25 cm

This book offers a rare and detailed view of the theories and training of an authentic and traditional Xing Yi lineage. Xing Yi Quan is one of the Internal Styles of Chinese Kung Fu. It studies the inside and the outside, it is hard and soft communicating. It goes in accordance with our bio-rhythms and physical capabilities. It is an activity that benefits the health and in the long term can strengthen the constitution. Practice increases both the internal and external strength. It also trains the mind, boosts the spirit, increases the health of the mind and body, and is good for expelling disease and increasing longevity. In addition, the strengths of Xing Yi Quan include that the practice and application are the same. Attacking and defense strategies work together. The attacking power of Xing Yi is distinctive. The fist or palm is released with full power. The attacks are direct and fast. Defense is careful and without openings. The method of the body and stepping is quick and agile. In usage one can fully adjust the power of the whole body. Head, shoulders, elbows, hand, hips, knee, and foot are the seven fists,. Used together and directed by the Yi, power is achieved. The hands are coordinated with the shoulders. The hand lowers as the knee begin moving . The foot lands and the arm arrives. Attack before the opponent or counter and attack after the opponent. The movements are intricate so it is hard for the opponent to figure out. This is enough to defend yourself and defeat the enemy. The movements of Xing Yi Quan are moderate and solid. The hitting method has components of both soft and hard. The practice location can be big or small. Female, male, elderly and children can all practice. The weak or the fragile can also practice. Chronically ill patients can choose the easier and gentler postures to practice.