Ancient Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Classics: The Secret in the Tangerine, Vol. 1

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Jim Png Hau Cheng/Zhu JingZhen
ISBN: 978-957-43-4459-8
Jim Png Hau Cheng
436 pag. paperback 15 x 23 cm 2017

Chinese Chess or Xiangqi (which would be the preferred name) has been around for hundreds of years. “The Chinese seem to possess of a great many ancient scriptures on the topic.” --- HJR Murray.Before the Ming Dynasty, books about Xiangqi had already existed. Unfortunately, only a small fraction is still extant today. Ancient Xiangqi Classics is a collection of the various ancient Xiangqi scriptures and manuals, that has been translated and presented in English. The main aim of this series is to introduce Xiangqi to the Westerner and to share and pass on the wisdom of the ancient Chinese to the world.The Secret in the Tangerine has been one of the most important ancient manuals of all time. It can also be considered to have been one of the earliest Xiangqi primers that are still extant. There is advice on how to play the game, in-depth discussions on various opening variations and sub-variations, endgame discussions, demonstrations on different tactical combinations et cetera. Indeed, the material shown in the ancient manual serve as the fundamentals of Xiangqi that still influence modern-day play.Together with the Elegant Pastime Manual and the Plum Flower Manual, the Secret in the Tangerine has been a fundamental classic to read for all keen Xiangqi enthusiasts.