Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese: China's Own Critics-Text, Vocabulary & Sentence Patterns (2 Vls.)

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Chih-p'ing Chou/Joanne Chiang/Der-lin Chao
ISBN: 978-0-691-00069-5
Princeton University Press
385 pag. paperback 22 x 28 cm 1993

This textbook presents a selection of thirteen expository essays written from the 1920s through the 1980s by influential Chinese intellectuals on controversial issues of their times, including the emancipation of women, the reforms of the Chinese language, the implementation of modernization, and freedom and patriotism. To provoke classroom discussion, each topic is treated by essayists with opposing views. Prepared for American students who have already completed two years of Chinese and who are interested in reading original documents, the book juxtaposes traditional and simplified characters for the text and vocabulary so that students can be exposed to both versions of Chinese characters. Each of the thirteen texts is followed by a detailed glossary, annotated in English, with suggested topics for class discussion. An index at the end of the book allows students easy access to the vocabulary items.