Advanced Level Current Cantonese Colloquialisms (Incl. 1 CD & 1 Tape)

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Yin-ping Cream Lee
ISBN: 978-962-279-188-6
Greenwood Press
140 pag. paperback 14 x 21 cm

This book is specially written for English speakers who have reached advanced level in Cantonese. Knowing the practical Cantonese colloquialisms enables learners to understand the richness of Cantonese conversations.
All dialogues presented in the lessons are based on real-life situation. Chinese translation is provided alongside with Cantonese Romanization. The book also provided with annotation and practical speech patterns to aid the reader to learn the Cantonese grammar rules.

Features & Benefits

Current colloquial expressions and conversational slang

Everyday vocabularies are included with definition

Authentic conversations to stimulate the reader

Practical grammatical notes

Romanization with English, Cantonese, and Mandarin translation

Interactive recordings of vocabularies and text