Across China: Travelogues-Unforgettable Moments on the Road

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Liu Hongmei/Zhu Bangqian
ISBN: 978-7-5133-0688-1
New Star Press
328 pag. paperback 17 x 23 cm 2013

From the Great Wall to Tibet, from the old Manchu villages of the North-East to Fenghuang by the Yangtze River, from the luxuriant Taiwan to the arid mountains of Lanzhou, this book is a collection of fascinating travel stories from ten different writers. Lavishly illustrated with remarkable photosoften depicting the authors themselves and their families in situthey provide an invaluable source of information and insights on major tourist destinations around the country, from the point of view of typical Chinese travelers. In a word, this book will show foreign readers everything they always wanted to know about China, but never had a chance to see.