A Short Cut to Cantonese-An Innovative Approach For Speakers of Mandarin (Incl. 2 CDs + 1 Tape)

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Yin-ping Cream Lee
ISBN: 978-962-279-187-9
Greenwood Press
250 pag. paperback 14 x 21 cm

This book is designed for learners who want to learn Cantonese in a lively way. Since this book is primarily designed for those who know Chinese, native Putonghua speakers and learners with prior knowledge of Putonghua will find this book extremely useful to learn Cantonese.

Features & Benefits

Authentic conversations

Comprehensive grammar notes

Everyday vocabulary

Practical sounds and tones

Professional "Jyutping" romanization system

Full English and Putonghua translations

Daily supplementary vocabulary

Lively recording

Useful exercises