A New Beginning: Customs of the Lunar New Year

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Times Editions
ISBN: 978-981-261-010-2
Marshall Caendish
120 pag. paperback 15 x 23 cm

The Spring Festival marks the beginning of a new year in the Chinese lunar calendar. It is a time of celebration with many quaint customs and traditions.

A New Beginning: Customs of the Lunar New Year uncovers the stories and legends behind the origins and ceremonies relating to the Kitchen God; and explains the beliefs behind such practices as spring-cleaning, posting the Chinese character "happiness" upside down, giving gift money and setting off firecrackers. It also explores the Chinese practice of worshipping various gods and ancestors, and describes why certain taboos and restrictions exist.

This volume represents an excellent opportunity to learn more about the festivals and celebrations as one lunar new year comes to a close and another begins.