A Chinese Grammar For Foreign Learners 1: Beginner's 1000 Words

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Fang Zhujun
ISBN: 978-7-5619-2214-9
Beijing Language & Culture U.P.
222 pag. paperback 18 x 26 cm

A Chinese Grammar for Foreign Learners is designed to help Chinese learners study and practice Chinese grammar. The book series has four volumes in total. Based on the relevant teaching and examination outlines and textbooks, approximately 600 grammatical items covering students different study stages (threshold, elementary, intermediate and advanced stages respectively) are selected. All these grammatical items may be difficult for students to learn Chinese. Arranged from the easy ones to the complex ones, these grammatical items are explained in simple language and supplemented by well-selected and clearly-focused exercises in an effort to help students command Chinese grammar step by step.
This book is the first volume in which 108 grammatical items are selected. It is suitable for beginners who have studied grammar for about 300- 400 hours. Almost all the words appearing in the explanations, examples and exercises are the 1,000 most commonly used ones.